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Bar-Giora was transformed into Hashomer in April , which operated until the British Mandate of Palestine came into being in Hashomer was an elitist organization with narrow scope, and was mainly created to protect against criminal gangs seeking to steal property.

The Zion Mule Corps and the Jewish Legion , both part of the British Army of World War I , would further bolster the Yishuv with military experience and manpower, forming the basis for later paramilitary forces. After the Palestine riots against Jews in April , the Yishuv leadership realised the need for a nationwide underground defense organization, and the Haganah was founded in June of the same year.

The Haganah became a full-scale defense force after the — Arab revolt in Palestine with an organized structure, consisting of three main units—the Field Corps , Guard Corps , and the Palmach. These would eventually form the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces, and provide it with its initial manpower and doctrine. Although Ben-Gurion had no legal authority to issue such an order, the order was made legal by the cabinet on 31 May.

The same order called for the disbandment of all other Jewish armed forces. This was the background for the Altalena Affair , a confrontation surrounding weapons purchased by the Irgun resulting in a standoff between Irgun members and the newly created IDF.

The affair came to an end when Altalena, the ship carrying the arms, was shelled by the IDF. Following the affair, all independent Irgun and Lehi units were either disbanded or merged into the IDF. The Palmach, a leading component of the Haganah, also joined the IDF with provisions , and Ben Gurion responded by disbanding its staff in , after which many senior Palmach officers retired, notably its first commander, Yitzhak Sadeh.

The new army organized itself when the —48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine escalated into the Arab—Israeli War , which saw neighbouring Arab states attack. Twelve infantry and armored brigades formed: Directorates and corps were created from corps and services in the Haganah, and this basic structure in the IDF still exists today.

Organizational changes were made[ by whom? An example of the latter was the successful Operation Entebbe commando raid to free hijacked airline passengers being held captive in Uganda.

During this era, the IDF also mounted a successful bombing mission in Iraq to destroy its nuclear reactor. The Lebanese Shia organization Hezbollah has also been a growing threat, [15] against which the IDF fought an asymmetric conflict between and , as well as a full-scale war in He reports directly to the Defense Minister and indirectly to the Prime Minister of Israel and the cabinet. The current chief of staff is Gadi Eizenkot. He replaced Benny Gantz in Structure The IDF includes the following bodies those whose respective heads are members of the General Staff are in bold: Structure of the Israel Defense Forces click to enlarge Regional commands.

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