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Within a few short weeks, Brother Eric was plowing through all of the flavors the Fountain was famous for: With the emergence of large food conglomerates, each of these regional ice cream companies disappeared, leaving little but memories and some wonderful advertisements.

We have collected some of these period items, including a s porcelain sign that hangs on the exterior of the Fountain today. The message on the sign says it simply: In our view, Franklin was a man of Integrity and the Ice Creams we make must satisfy this goal. Vanilla Bean Traditional Philadelphia-style Vanilla Ice Cream with ground vanilla bean specks and a blend of fine Mexican and Madagascar vanilla extracts. Vanilla is an orchid that hails originally from Mexico and is hand pollinated.

Until the middle of the 20th century, most vanilla was produced in Mexico and sent all over the world. Thomas Jefferson even had beans sent to him during his tenure as Secretary of State in Philadelphia.

While Mexico was the source for vanilla, European traders were the financial benefactors. The Mexican bean imparts a fruity spiciness while the traditionally modern Madagascar vanilla is a sweet and creamy vanilla that everyone can relate to.

We do not skimp on ingredients and never put in artificial vanilla into vanilla based ice creams. Our peanut butter is silky smooth as it layers itself against our vanilla ice cream, swirling gingerly into a stationary position, full of sweetness and lots of saltiness to be enjoyed time and again. We are craftsmen of integrity and we do not cut corners. This flavor is loaded with peanut butter. Our chips are real chocolate and are not pumped full of vegetable oils.

Once a customer even remarked that the chips were too large! It will satisfy the world. The Hydrox Cookie was invented in , four years before Nabisco with their version called Oreo came out in For that old-fashioned chocolate ice cream taste.

We added salted chopped almond pieces, not cheap peanuts, and swirl in real marshmallow to create something people can still be happy about. To some, this reminds folks of their childhood picking these berries in the woods in upstate PA.

The pink color might make you think of that early 20th century digestive, Pepto-Bismol. Black Raspberry is an old fashioned flavor that maintains a stronghold in Yankee New England. A great pairing to Black Raspberry or wonderful with hot fudge. When business is slow at the fountain which it rarely is , we have some of the jerkettes preparing bananas for this ice cream. Pairs well with peanut butter or strawberry. Our ice cream is so fresh that we are always making more ice cream, picking up ingredients to make more or sending it out the door at record speed.

Try in a soda for a change. The fresh cream blends a beautiful berry balance. The mixture emerges from the machine a brilliant avocado green. The flavor is on the bitter, savory side with a remarkably dry finish. Not for the faint of heart, true green tea devotees love it.

Having searched this flavor intensively, we have figured out how to use only the choicest, salted pistachios and let the nuts naturally flavor and color the ice cream. We are very proud of this flavor. The mammoth salted pecans we use have had customers literally jumping over the counter. Sweet butterscotch notes compliment the nuts that burst with flavor in your mouth. This translates into an increased maple flavor. Coffee This flavor contains vigorous chords of java flavor, and is made with a house-made extract using real espresso brewed from the beans of the artisan roasters at Chestnut Hill Coffee.

The rich complexity of its taste is dark and velvety, and is enhanced by our Mexican vanilla extract and sprinkled hints of dark cocoa powder. Rum Raisin This Caribbean delicacy whelms with authentic molasses-derived Jamaican rum which has been aged for decades. We cook it with a sugar solution and organic black jumbo raisins in antique copperware. This flavor befits the palate of true Islanders, or those of like spirits. Cotton Candy So authentic is this flavor to the spirit of the American circus that you will practically be able to hear the calliope music and hear the trained elephants trumpeting!

Made with the very same extract that is used to make spun sugar, this ice cream is pink in color and contains an additional blue marshmallow swirl.

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